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Losing hair at an alarming rate can be a real problem. Every year, thousands of people deal with hair loss, and yet only a few seek to take medical help. Yes, with advanced technology and treatments, it is possible to get a fuller look for your hair and restore the bald patches. In the modern medicine, we call that hair transplant and restoration.

Get the best consultation!

DermaClinix has been long known as the most trusted name for hair transplant center in Indore, simply because we empathize with patients and their issues, to offer an advanced range of solutions. All our expert surgeons and dermatologists are qualified from AIIMS and member of ISHRS (USA) and have years of experience of dealing with hair problems.

It is wise to understand that hair loss is often triggered by a number of different causes. While some causes like medications and specific health problems, such as thyroid can be handled with medicines, others need specific treatments and implants. As a known clinic for hair restoration in Indore, DermaClinix intends to offer consultation for patients who first need to know the underlying causes for hair loss and accept the available options.

Is hair transplant meant for you?

Of course, there are many clinics that offer hair transplantation in Indore, only a few can stand for their results, infrastructure and team. Our hair restoration services are intended to offer more genuine solutions, where the focus isn't on selling packages. Expert surgeons and hair transplant doctors from our team will discuss the options with patients, and based on the causes, we will offer a whole range of options.

For male pattern baldness and hereditary causes, transplant is considered to be the best possible and safest options. Women mostly experience thinning of hair, while men have to deal with pattern baldness, which is best handled with transplant.

Why DermaClinix?

Simply because we care! When you go to a hair transplant surgeon/doctor in Indore, you expect the most advanced options and real treatments, and that's what we specialize in. We ensure that every patient has got all the answers before they proceed for any treatment. Also, we offer complete details on hair transplant cost in Indore, and offer FUE treatment.

Feel free to write to us, and we will be happy to answers you. All questions related to hair transplantations will be answered within 48 hours!